Behind the Curtain Flash Fiction Contest: Invisible

Thank you Anna for hosting yet another inspiring contest. You can check out contest details and her blog at Yearning for Wonderland.

I found this picture on Anna’s Behind the Curtain Pinterest board.

The spot light was blinding as the curtain rose.

The music started and tears rolled down her cheek. The one place she could express herself; the one place she didn’t feel invisible.

She danced, putting every emotion into each spin, each pirouette.

Here she meant something. No one knew her name, but that didn’t matter to her, for they could still see her.

They appreciated her.  A lonely world it is for her to go home to.

Mom, a drunk.

Dad left years ago.

Both of whom have never seen her dance.

She took her last jump, the music stopped, and the curtain closed. The audience clapped wildly.

Once again, she felt invisible behind the curtain.


Please read and leave comments on the other wonderful entries. It would tickle the authors pink! 🙂


U Got the Look: Sneak Peek at The Book of Daniel

My dear friend Tonya tagged me for this fun game. Taken from her post, the game is described here:

The Look is a writing prompt, a game, another tagging event. This is how U Got “The Look”works: you take your current manuscript, search for the word “look”, and post the surrounding paragraphs. Lastly, you tag 5 blogging authors who you think will be a good choice for the game.


Right, so without my natural rambling I’ll get straight to the point, here is a sneak peek at The Book of Daniel:


We pulled up to a grand house, white with four tall ivory pillars in the front. We parked out front on the street. Daniel got out of the car and opened my door for me. A guy has never opened a door for me, until tonight.

Stepping out of the car, my foot tangled in the seatbelt and I stumbled into him, and he caught me by my arm. I was inches from his face. I looked up at him to say thank you, and then I caught the look in his eyes. Words caught in my throat. His face, one of worry and passion, still caught in his gaze, he put his hand lightly on the back of my neck pulling my face to his. I closed my eyes as his lips met mine. His lips were so soft. Then, he suddenly pulled away and took a few steps back.

He kept his head down as he turned on his heel and started toward the house. I’m left standing there staring after him awed and unsatisfied. Even a little self-conscious. I stumbled over my feet the first few steps, but quickly followed after him. “Did I do something wrong?”

He didn’t answer my question, and opened the front door. We walked into the house and the first thing I saw was the grand staircase. Through the crowd of people, I saw Tineen sitting on one of the steps.

“Hey,” she said.

“Where is Wesley?” I asked, sitting next to her on the step.

“He went to get us a drink. I’m sure he’ll get you one when he gets back,” she paused and looked around. “Hey, where is Daniel?”

I didn’t realize he wasn’t still with me until she asked, “I’m not sure.”

Wesley and Scott came walking around the corner, drinks in hand. Wesley handed Tineen her cup, and Scott offered me one too. “I saw you come in and figured you’d be thirsty.”

“Oh, thank you, but I don’t drink.”

“More for me,” Scott said with a smile, taking a sip out of both red keg cups.

I need some air. “Scott, where is your bathroom?”

“Right through the living room, it’s in the kitchen,” he vaguely directed.

“Want me to come with you?” Tineen asked.

“No, I’ll only be a minute.” Making my way through the party I finally found the kitchen, alas the bathroom.

Shutting the door behind me, I slid down the back of the door onto the floor and put my head between my knees. I could feel the tears welling up in the corner of my eyes. After a moment, I composed my self, and splashed some water on my face, avoiding the mirror, I didn’t want to see how pathetic I looked. I took a deep breath and opened the door. 

“There you are!”

I jumped out of my skin, recognizing the voice, but was terrified to look up at him. 

“Why do you care?” I said, pushing past him.

“I’m sorry about earlier, there was something I needed to take care of,” Daniel said.

“Whatever, I don’t want to hear anymore excuses.” I stormed through the kitchen to get back to Tineen.

This WIP (work in progress), in particular, as been a pain in my… you know what. It constantly nags me to death to finish it. I decided a few months ago to tack on a rough twenty-five thousand words of new material, which I am just now nearing the finish line. I don’t currently have a release date for this bad boy, but when it’s ready I’ll scream it from the rooftops. 🙂

Now, to tag a few unsuspecting authors with this awesome chance to share a tidbit of their work with the impatient world:

Amy Weaver

Lillie McFerrin

Leona Bushman

Kern Windwraith



In A Nutshell

If you haven’t noticed I have been quite silent on the blog and Twitter the past month or so. This post is to explain to you all what has been going on (I’ll try to keep it short-ish).

This past June has been a June like no other. I took Peanut (my four-year old daughter) on her first vacation ever to Vermont, the week of her birthday, and even got to visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory. Yum! While we were up there I also had a chance for the first time to meet my Twitter friend Amy (@LongWritingRoad) – which was wicked AWESOME!

View of the Ben & Jerry’s factory from the Flavor Graveyard

There has also been a birthday party every single weekend, including Peanut’s birthday party, plus some family members’ birthdays scattered about the month. I swear if any of my other friends have a baby/babies in the month of June I’m going to go bankrupt next year. *giggles like mad*

And on top of all the regular June mayhem I am currently going through a divorce. As some of you may unfortunately know how emotionally draining it can be. Recently, I have adopted an outlook to take the negativity and push it away. I don’t have time to sweat the small stuff. Although I still have my days, I feel like I am slowly coming back into myself and a routine.

Speaking of routine….

Oh how I’ve neglected my writing… from the bottom of my heart I wish I hadn’t. It only made me feel more guilty and depressed. The first time I sat down to write two weeks ago was the first time I had been truly happy in the last two months. I haven’t been writing every single day, but it has helped to have a community like Twitter that is so encouraging to fall back on. Without them nagging or cheering me on I’m pretty sure it would have taken me a lot longer to start writing again. So I want to thank all the people who have supported me and gave me the push to get in gear.

Then, just when I thought the June mayhem had calmed and things were starting to get back to semi normal, my best friend had her twins July 5th – a whole month early! There were lots of happy tears and oohs and aahs. As a friend once(or twice) put it: women turn into instant mush upon seeing a newborn baby.  Mush, mush, sap, sap….. their tiny toes and little fingers… they are absolutely adorable! Well played, my friend…

Anyway, I have a lot of work to catch up on and more real life obstacles to hurdle, but writing won’t take a backseat anymore. I still plan on having this first draft finished by the end of July – even though I’m way behind schedule (self-made deadline).

Write with you soon, lovelies! 🙂

Napping Blogger Award

Thank you to the lovely Afsaneh and the wonderful Angie for passing this onto me. You can check out Afsaneh’s blog here and Angie’s blog here.

The rules for the Napping Blogger Award are easy:
  1. Link back to the ones who gave you the award.
  2. Tell us what you do to take time for YOU! That might be a hobby, a musical break, a favorite movie or show, sitting outside enjoying nature, or even taking a nap!
  3. Nominate five other bloggers – especially folks you think deserve a break from their routine.

Relax? What’s that? (Just kidding) I love my me time (who doesn’t?), although I don’t get much of it these days I still try to take some downtime. My favorite thing is to spend a day hiking in the mountains. Something about the crisp mountain air that just cleanses your mind. I also love movies, so going to the movies with friends or even watching one at home by myself is fine by me. If I had more time to myself, I would read like a tornado.

Now, to pass this on to the five most deserving bloggers that could use a nap for all of their hard work.

1. Amy Weaver

2. Avalon Jaedra

3. Tonya Cannariato

4. Anna Hailey

5. Raiscara Avalon

Kreativ Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks to the lovely , who is such a sweetheart for including me in this!
The Rules:
1. Thank & link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the ten questions.
3. Share ten random facts/thoughts about yourself.
4. Nominate seven worthy blogs for the Kreative Blogger Award.
                                                                                                                                                 The Questions:
                                                                                                                                                    1. What’s your favorite song?
 Just Barely Breathing by Killswitch Engage or any song from them, really. But if I had to pick just one it’d be this one.

                                                                                                                                                     2. What’s your favorite dessert?                                                                      

Okay, ready for this answer…? Strawberry rhubarb pie, donuts, deep fried Twinkies, and Boston cream pie. (Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?;)

3. What ticks you off?                      

   What ticks me off? Lying, of any sort. It’s pointless and selfish.

4. What do you do when you’re upset?

Writing, usually. Reading or going for a hike. I like to hide to work through the emotion.

5. Which is your favorite pet?

Between a cat and a dog? I have only owned three cats. Never having owned a dog, I’m not really sure I can pick. So…. I pick Biggie Bed Fry, my former turtle. (Yes, that was his name. At least I think it was a boy… *shifty eyes*) Anyway….
                                                                                                                                                      6. Which do you prefer: black or white?
Black, I think.

                                                                                                                                                      7. What is your biggest fear?

That I’ll never finish writing a novel.

And tornadoes and house fires. I have the utmost respect for Mother Nature. Beautiful and frightening.

8. What is your attitude mostly?

Usually, I roll with the punches. I don’t know exactly where I’m going, but some day, I will get there.

9. What is perfection?

Perfection is a baby’s smile. New life of all kinds.

10. What is your guilty pleasure?

A weekend away reading my heart out.

Desperate Housewives, the TV show, before it ended. And FRIENDS.

Red velvet frozen yogurt, with white chocolate shavings and cherries.

                                                                                                                                                       The Random Facts:
  1. My feet are hardly ever bare, they never touch the ground without socks, ALWAYS SOCKS!
  2. I hand write the majority of my first drafts.
  3. The only girl out of four children.
  4. I am graced with two middle names.
  5. I’ve only been out of the country twice. Once to Canada and once to Mexico. Would love to travel to Europe… some day.
  6. When I was 17 and brought my cat home for the first time, I told my parents it was for my older brother and we were just “holding” it for him until he came home for a visit. My brother conveniently said he couldn’t take it home with him. My plan had worked! My parents said I could keep him after all. (the cat that is…) (I feel like this is more of a confession.)
  7. Flat pillows are my favorite.
  8. I still need spell check to spell convenient.
  9. I am half Spanish (Panamanian) and can’t speak it for the most part. Dora the Explorer has taught me more Spanish than my Spanish teacher in high school did.
  10. I’m an outer space nerd that is petrified of extra terrestrials and morbidly fascinated by them at same time. This stemmed from watching a Discovery Channel documentary about aliens way too young.

Enough about me, now to pass the honor onto seven worthy bloggers.

1. Anna Hailey (@annaliterally)

2. Ashtyn (@AshtynStann)

3. Ang (@ang_writes)

4. Cara (@caramichaels) Also the home of #MenageMonday flash fiction contest you should be sure to check out!

5. Imran (@Flickimp)

6. Angie (@write_me_happy)

7. B.A. Matthews (@BA_Matthews)

Once Upon A Time Flash Fiction Contest: My Entry

This flash fiction contest is hosted by @ruanna3 and @SJIHolliday.

These ladies sure know how to host a contest! You can find the contest guidelines here: Yearning For Wonderland

Here is my entry!


She heard their tiny footsteps crunch in the snow. Both had blond coats and shiny green eyes. She cackled with delight, firing up the oven and the stew pot. She pulled the corner of the curtain aside. There they were, peaking from behind a tree. Her plan worked, she thought. What better than a house made of candy and frosting to lure them. They were the first to come in weeks. And two at the same time… she licked her lips.

She heard them giggling right outside the door. They had frosting all over their hands and mouths full of gumdrops. She grabbed the plate of cookies and opened the door.

They graciously entered her candy house with promises of all the sweets they could ever eat. She led them into the kitchen and locked the door behind them. Dinner will be grand. The boy has more meat, so he will go in the stew, and as long as the girl is basted while baking, she shouldn’t dry out.

She started cutting vegetables over the stew pot.

She turned to offer them more sweets. They had crept behind her with devilish expressions. They grabbed her feet out from under her, tossing her into the boiling water.

Dinner will be grand, they thought.



Please check out the other fabulous entries by clicking the cute blue frog link below!

Lucky 7 Meme: WIP Sneak Peek

Thank you Angie for tagging me!

So here’s how it works:

Go to page 7 or 77 of your current MS/WIP

Go to line 7

Copy don the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs and post them as they are written.

Tag 7 authors and let them know. 

Here are seven sentences from the WIP I’m currently editing, a young adult fantasy touching  a heaven (or hell, rather) on earth…


Daniel and the shadow were wrestling, when the shadow gets free and lunges at me.

He gets hold of the shadow, reeling it back.

“This is just a dream. This is just a dream.” I said, curled in a ball.

“I assure you, it‘s not.” Daniel smiled.

The shadow overtook him for just a moment and then evaporated, revealing Wesley wiping his dagger on his pant leg.


“My pleasure,” Wesley said, smirking.

Sunshine Award

Angie, so sweet and wonderful, has passed the Sunshine Award on to me.

To accept this award I have to share with you what makes me happy. I made a list by no means includes everything that makes me happy.

1. Watching meteor showers

2. When my daughter says “I love you.”

3. Maple sugar candy

4. A good nights sleep

5. Wine night with my long time best friends

6. When my brother comes home from the army

7. Writing, of course

8. Reese’s peanut butter cups and Donuts (Krispy Kremes to be exact!)

9. Holding a new born baby

10. All my awesome Twitter friends! Wish we lived closer, but extremely grateful I had the chance to meet you all.


Now to pass this award on to my own little corner of sunshine among the Twitterverse. E. Belle, Shana, Val, Moni, and even though these next two already have it, this list wouldn’t be the same without them: Angie and Anna. Much love and sunshine ladies! 🙂

22 Things – Creative Change Challenge

I joined Angie Richmond’s (@write_me_happy) 22 Things – Creative Change Challenge!

The challenge is to make a list of 22 small steps you can take to change your life RIGHT NOW! If you want to take part in this challenge, you can click the picture above to get to Angie’s blog. (If the link doesn’t work it’s because I’m new at this…) so, just in case… here it is:


So here is some of my list in no particular order…


1. Read more

2. Edit some of “problem child” (aka Daniel) everyday

3. Blog more. About this journey and all the nonsense in between

4. Procrastinate less (this goes for everything!)

5. Exercise everyday

6. Take my tests on time every week and not fall behind in school

7. Make a list/plan to get back on my feet

8. Write more

9. Find new museums and creative places to take my daughter

10. Take more pictures, OF EVERYTHING! 🙂

11. Paint because I haven’t painted in years

12. Reconcile with meditating (really need this one)

13.Write more poetry

14. Try new things

15. Ask more questions

16. Smile more








As you may have noticed, there are six empty spots. I’m still finding my place in this life, so I figured I’d do this a little unorthodox. I will write six more blog posts as I add a new item to the list. Why I can’t think of 22 things to put on this list, I’m not sure, but what I do know is that I’ll find out.

What are some things you could do RIGHT NOW to change your life?



Happy Birthday Wordmongering!!!

Most of you may see me #wordmongering on Twitter. This is one of my favorite places to visit and use while I’m writing. Before I found wordmongering, I’d sit there dilly dallying instead of writing. It took me five months to write the first four chapters of my book, and when I found wordmongering, I wrote the last seven chapters in two months! I also used this religiously during NaNoWriMo (not like I didn’t already, though). 😉

The way #wordmongering works: you write from the top of the hour to the half and write like the wind. At the end of the thirty minute sprint you post your word count along with the hashtag, compare and celebrate everyone’s progress. There is only one rule… negativity and the word “only” get left at the door. Sounds harsh? Not at all. Some writers can write close to 2k within the half hour and some (like myself)  average anywhere from 80 words or more. Point is, every one writes at their own pace and every single word makes you one word richer than you were a half hour ago. This a place to be positive.

I have also connected with so many amazingly fantastic and supportive writers through wordmongering. All in all I’ve been around since wordmongering first started and I’m not going anywhere. It would be hard to write without it.


There is #editmongering, too. Which works quite the same way. You edit from the half hour to the top of the hour and update with the hashtag all the wonderful (or not so wonderful) progress you have made. Just remember, while editing, someone somewhere is going through the same pain… or fun, depending who you are, and that makes it worth it.

Happy birthday #wordmongering and #editmongering! I’d be lost without you.


Have you tried #wordmongering or #editmongering?

If you have, please share your thoughts. If you haven’t tried them feel free to ask me or any mongerer questions.